Dreamlog: A Strange Con

So there I was sitting at some con in a ballroom, watching a presentation up on stage. While things got ready, various fellows I knew all found me sitting there and sat down to join me. There was a Blue, an Ember, a Laz, a Grey, and other folks from the European Theater. ^..^

Anyhoo, as we watched, a bunch of guys in lab-coats came out on stage and started demonstrating the difference between various animals. They hauled a bunny out of its cage, detailed how it looked and how it was shaped, then fired up an air compressor and blew it up until it was the size of a beach-ball. They then explained that bunnies could hold this much air. Then they popped it and tossed it over to one side. ^^()

Next they hauled out a very spooked looking Tiger, who kept complaining that he was trying to sleep and wanted to know if they were done with that bunny. They went into detail about the fur of a Tiger, and the stripes, then blew it up until it filled most of the stage. Tigers you see, could hold more air than bunnies. Then they popped the tiger too, and pushed him off to the side to deal with later.

Next they started talking about bats, and two fellows in lab coats came down into the audience and picked up Grey, with him struggling and complaining the whole while. Everyone else laughed, as they talked about bat wings, bat fur, then blew him up until he overflowed the stage, and was pressing up against the first row of audience members.

Bats as you can see, can get rather large. They attempted to pop him as well, but it didn’t work. So Grey belched in their faces until he was deflated again, bowed, and came back to sit with the rest of us. That was the end of the show, so we all got up and wandered outside. It was raining, so I found myself getting herded along into an impossibly cramped car, and driven to a cabin just outside the con hotel.

There all the British fellows were staying together. Tea and scones were served, and we contemplated ballooning Grey again.

And that was that. ^__^

My mind is a great place to live.